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Knights Athletics

Farmington Sr. High School


Knights Athletics

Farmington Sr. High School

Knights Athletics

Farmington Sr. High School

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Consent Form

Consent Form 2018-191.pdf

Parent/Guardian and Student must read, sign, and date this form before beginning practice.

MSHSAA Pre-Participation Physical Form

MSHSAA Pre-Participation Physical Form.pdf

The doctor will complete page 2. Families will complete pages 1, 3, and 4 (page 1 must be completed BEFORE the doctor's appointment). Be sure to complete all sections (Student signatures, parent signatures, insurance policy number, etc.) before turning it into your coach or the Activities Department.

Physical Exam FAQ's

Physical Exam FAQ's 2018-192.pdf

Frequently Asked Questions and answers about Physical Exams.


Parent Information Slideshow 2018-19.pptx (1).pptx

At least one parent or guardian must review this slideshow before signing an Athletics/Activities Consent Form.

MSHSAA Summary of Eligibility Requirements

MSHSAA Summary Eligibility Requirements.pdf

This is a summary of requirements students must meet to be eligible to participate in Athletics or Activities. For the complete requirements, go to and click on 'Official Handbook'.

Transfer Student Form

Transfer Student Form1.pdf

If you have not been a student in the Farmington R7 School District for the past 365 days and wish to play a sport, please complete this form and submit it to the Activities Office.

Foreign Exchange Student Transfer Form

Foreign Exchange Student Transfer Form.pdf

If you are a Foreign Exchange Student and wish to play a sport, complete this form and submit it to the Activities Office.

MSHSAA Parent's Guide to Concussion

MSHSAA Parent's Guide to Concussion.pdf

Information, recommendations, and FAQ's regarding concussions.

MSHSAA Heat and Hydration Recommendations

MSHSAA Heat and Hydration Recommendations.pdf

Recommendations for maintaining hydration to optimize performance and minimize the risk for exertional heat illness.

Bullying Report

Bullying Report Form.pdf

If you have been the target of bullying or have witnessed the bullying of a District student, complete this form and submit it to the building principal.

Requirements for Participation

Requirements to Participate.pdf

Two Sport Form

Two-Sport Form1.pdf

If you are on a school team and a non-school team (AAU, Club, etc.) during the same season, you need to complete and turn this form into your high school coach.


Parent Information Slideshow
At least one Parent/Guardian must view this slideshow before their student can begin practicing.

MSHSAA Website

NCAA Approved Courses offered at FHS
To find out which FHS courses the NCAA approves for their Core Course Requirement:

  • Click on the link for the Farmington Course Catalog.
  • In the course catalog, core courses approved by the NCAA are denoted by a blue dot with "NCAA" in it.
  • The last two pages of the FHS Course Catalog have additional information regarding approved core courses.
  • If you have any questions, please contact your FHS counselor.

Student Insurance
If you need insurance for a student, one option is available at Markel Insurance 877 444 5014 and tell them that you are with the Farmington R7 School District. Or you can go to:

Fall Practice Information
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